It's safe, It's legal, It's cannabis.

First Argentine SME specialized in over-the-counter cannabis cosmetics.

Who are we?

420 CBD Premium is a family-run Argentinean SME, made up of an interdisciplinary team of professionals specialised in Medical, Cosmetic and Industrial Cannabis;

Behind 420 CBD Premium is a passionate and highly skilled team committed to bringing you the best products and services. Our research, development and quality control experts work rigorously to ensure that every product meets the highest standards.

420 CBD Premium succeeded in producing CBD-derived products on a large scale and became a leader in the wellness and beauty industry in Argentina.

We are pioneering the fusion of the power of Cannabidiol (CBD) and innovation. Our disruptive team of experts created a new dimension of premium products that challenge your expectations and take you to levels never before explored.



First over-the-counter CBD Oil Concentrate!

Discover harmony and balance with our concentrated Cannabidiol CBD oil. Formulated with high quality ingredients, 420 CBD RELAX offers moisturising and rejuvenating properties that help improve the appearance of skin, reduce inflammation and provide a feeling of freshness and vitality. RELAX also offers a natural and effective massage solution for the relief of muscle spasms and aches, providing a sense of relief and release from built-up tension.


420 CBD

The first facial cream that enhances the properties of CBD and HYALURONIC ACID!

420 CBD Shampoo y conditioner

Intensely moisturises, has an anti-dandruff effect, stimulates hair growth

420 CBD happy titty

The first product to


We created this interactive map so that you can find the nearest point of sale to your location. We are present throughout Argentina with more than 400 wholesale and retail outlets.


420 cbd premium in high voice

From formulating cannabis intimate oil to a cosmetics company

cannabis cosmetics pioneers prepare to "cross the pond".

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